Unlike the more traditional way of  “charging tools” in The Witches Rune, the women of Dragonweyr seek to align with elemental powers, not to command them. Sung in harmony on Imbolc, it is really quite magical.


Vast and shining, powerful night

Horizons flame the day of light,

East and  South, West and North,

the dance begins and we move forth

into this realm past time and space

where magic flows in Her embrace.


Blade of dawn, wand of fire,

blend my thoughts with my desire.

Chalice deep, emotion’s well,

the earthly strength of pentacle,

transforming cauldron, cord to bind

join with power, to each its kind.


Queen of Shadow, Queen of Light

with us in this magical rite,

Hawk and Newt, Whale and Tree,

weave the magic three times three.

By cone of power and energy,

we charge our tools, so shall it be!