Today is Cuhulain’s birthday. Our 4 year old goldendoodle is named after the mythic Celtic warrior for two reasons. First, he was born white with floppy red ears. Legend has it that when Cuhulain (the warrior not the doodle) got fired up for battle, the blood rushed up into his blonde hair turning it bright red. Second, we hoped that Cuhulain (the doodle not the warrior) would be a fearsome protector. He certainly is big enough to intimidate, especially in our Chihuahua-infested neighborhood.



And he does bark ferociously at the postman and succeeds in making him leave our front doorstep quickly six days a week. Of course, he barks whenever anyone comes to the front door, probably because he thinks they are going to play with him. He is one of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever known. As for ferocious, the other day he was in the back yard doing his thing and a butterfly startled him. He flew straight up in the air (hard to do from a crouching position) and ran to the house for safety.

But he does have a way of getting his own back. Napoleon, the territorial Rottweiler next door, once jumped over the 5 foot fence separating his yard from our driveway. Fortunately, there were people there to pull him off Cuhulain. Now, whenever we return from our morning walk, Cuhulain runs over to the new 8 foot fence and waits until Napoleon comes over to bark at him. As soon as the Rottweiler has his nose pressed up tight against the cracks between the boards, Cuhulain raises his leg and pees on it! Then he races through our back gate and does a few happy laps around the yard.

You just can’t keep a good hound down!

Cuhulain on Christmas morning happily eviscerating Santa Claus.